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Disney World is great any time of the year, but some seasons are certainly better than others. The best time to go depends on several factors, such as the crowds, the weather, travel costs, hotel rates, and seasonal offerings. These factors change every season, so it's important to consider them when making travel arrangements.

Considering all the factors, the best time to visit Disney World is from December to early March. This is considered the off-peak season, which means there are fewer people. This excludes Christmas week and the week after, since Disney World is a popular destination for family vacations. Here are some reasons why it's best to visit during this season.

Smaller crowds

Fewer people means shorter lines for the rides, easier reservations, and more open space on the theme parks. If you stay at one of the resorts, the pools will be less crowded and parking will be easier. You'll also have faster access to hotel amenities like the lobby phone.

Crowds are thickest during the summer, when kids are on their school vacations. Schools in some districts have a short break in February, so ask your kids' school about it if you're planning a family trip.

Better weather

Summer months in Florida can be unbearably hot. Walking around all day - as you would expect to do on a Disney World theme park - can drain a lot of your energy and make you too tired to explore the next day. The winter months are much cooler. You won't need to bring sunscreen or protective hats, as the sun will not be as harsh. There is also less rain, so there's no risk of rides getting canceled or interrupted.

The downside is that some attractions may not be open. The Water Parks may be closed during cold or bad weather, although this happens in other seasons as well. The Water Parks are open most of the summer, so it may be the best time to visit if you want to go swimming.

Lower costs

Hotels and gas are a lot cheaper in the winter. Reservations at the Disney Value Resorts cost as little as $79 a night, compared to $99 during regular season. Gas will also be cheaper, so filling up your tank will cost less. You can use your savings to travel around Orlando, or treat your family to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Other good seasons

If your school year starts late, try visiting from late August to late September. You'll also enjoy the smaller crowds and cheap accommodation, although gas prices will be a bit higher. It won't be as cool as winter, but the heat will be more bearable since it's the tail end of summer. Just avoid the Labor Day weekend, because families will be coming in over the break. However, the parks will be practically empty by the following Tuesday as most school vacations will be over. Also, remember June to November is hurricane season. Although hotels don't require it, travel insurance might come in handy.


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