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Aside from being a popular destination for families with kids, Disney World is also a favorite vacation get-away of young adults - people from 21 to 24 years old. Though other modes of transportation are provided by the theme park (such as buses), some young drivers prefer to rent a car from auto rental companies.

If you or a young adult you know intends to drive a car rental around Disney World, then you need to read this article (or have them read this article). Know that there are almost no discount and cheap rates are available for drivers. The law also sets several parameters for drivers aged 21 to 24 years old.

Some car rental parameters

More often than not, auto rentals do not allow underage drivers to avail of their service since the minimum age for car rental is 25. For renters who are 21 to 24 years old, an underage fee that could amount anywhere between $5 to over $30 per day is required. Call Disney World ahead to find out of the Orlando government allows drivers from 18 years above to get a lease for a vehicle.

Also, cash payments are not allowed for underage drivers. You must be at least 25 in order to pay in cash. If you are under 25, you can pay using their credit card.

When paying, you must present your driver’s license. This does apply not only to rent a car transactions, but also for most monetary interactions. Some car rental companies (especially those offering cheap rates and special discounts) are very strict - they make sure that the name on the license should matches the name on the credit card. Most of these rent a car companies them do not accept credit cards that belong to parents.

In effect, though discounts from organizational memberships are still honored, the surcharges for underage driving makes auto rental for young drivers costly. Aside from the Sales Tax and insurance, the underage fee is another add-on that is meant to discourage underage rental, since drivers from the 21 to 24 age bracket is more prone to accidents.


Big car rental agencies like Hertz and National cannot be persuaded to waive the underage requirements, and usually reserve their cheap rates and special discounts for drivers over 25 years of age. Do not lose hope, though - small ‘mom and pop’ auto rentals are more accommodating to young drivers. Search for these smaller shops in the Yellow Pages.

Another good strategy is to visit university towns near Disney World - it is more likely that car rental shops in the said areas would allow underage driving.

If you are really dead set on getting a car to drive to Disney World, it would be best to ask for assistance from your travel agency. They can help you find an establishment that will allow underage driving. A website called Breezenet can be accessed for a list of car rental counters (inside or outside airports) which permit people younger than 25 to rent a car.

If you are already working, your company help you out. Ask your employer if they can talk to car rental companies to whom they are affiliated. In most cases, if the renter indicated on the contract is your company’s name (especially when you are on a business trip), even big agencies yield and waive the surcharges. You can get cheap rates and big discounts this way.


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