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When visiting Disney World, the means of transportation is never a problem, even for non-US residents. Whether you want to use special Disney World attractions like the monorail, motor coach, and ferry boat, or you prefer to rent a car, a variety of auto rental companies can cater to this specific need. And most, if not all, of these car rental businesses also operate in different countries, so reservations can be made even before you leave your own country to fly to the US.

Below are some of the rent a car options available for tourists. These car rental companies allow its customers to make reservations online. You only have to fill the necessary dates, times, and other pertinent information.


In their website, Cheap-Car-Rental boasts of offering big discounts and very low rates. It is a big company that has a lot of affiliations, enabling it to offer huge discounts. In the US alone, they are located in 52 states and all the major airports. This company also has connections in major countries in Europe as well as in South Africa.

Cheap-Car-Rental specializes in servicing non-US customers. The company promises that they do not charge any hidden charges since their standard cheap car rates already include a comprehensive car hire insurance. Their Florida, California, Nevada, and Arizona locations offer free one way rentals where you can pick up your car in one place to start your rental, then just drop off the vehicle at another designated area.


Based in the United Kingdom, Carhire3000 has branches in the US and major European countries. You may need to download an information sheet about Disney World in Orlando, Florida from a different website, though, as only general state information is available in the CarHire3000 website. Try clicking on some of the information on places you want to visit in the US, though – you may get lucky and uncover a wealth of information.

Note that this website does not provide help with hotel accommodations and airline reservations. You may have to look somewhere else for that.


Aside from the US and Europe, Cars-for-less-car-rent also has branches in Middle East countries like the United Arab Emirates. The website offers several different discount packages that give you an all inclusive car rental rate, with no more hidden surcharges.

For tourists who are interested to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Cars-for-less-car-rent can also book you in a hotel as well as prepare your tickets so you have a round-trip fare, a car to use, and a room to stay in. Now that’s convenient!


The RentalCarGroup covers all major cities worldwide, and can help you save up to 40% in auto rentals by providing a price comparison of the leading car rental companies. The rates of this auto rental company includes unlimited mileage, third party insurance, collision damage waiver, theft waiver, and VAT.

Though the website offers a two-minute comparison of the price range for this kind of service, their own rates are readily available in the website. They also service all popular destinations in Europe, USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Carribean, Abu Dhabi, and Cape Town.

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