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Visitors are offered a lot of choices when they rent a car to reach Disney World. It is a good idea to compare the services of car rental companies, whether they are situated inside or outside of the airport. In weighing the pros and cons of these companies, you need to take into consideration several factors. These tips should help you draw comparisons.


More or less, auto rental companies in Disney World charge the same rates. The prices of subcompacts, standard, van and other types of cars according to their size are relatively parallel to each other. However, it is the discounts that these leasing businesses give or honor that makes them different from each other.

Aside from company-accorded discounts, like a 10% cut in a car’s rental price, your membership to certain organizations, the credit card you are using, and the nature of your work can help you benefit from the savings that business deals with car rentals can produce.

Call the organizations in which you belong - whether it is a book club or an airline frequent flyer one - and inquire if they have any arrangements with auto rental companies. A number of privately-owned corporations also have tie-ups with car rental companies, so it might also be worth a try to ask your employer if you can avail of the company’s privileges to get cheap rates, even when you are on a non-business trip.

Are you a government employee? You may be entitled to cheap rates. Let the car rental establishment know that you are in government service, but clarify that your travel is not related to a public function.

Car types

Even though car rentals in Disney World classify their cars in a similar manner, the qualities of the cars that they offer can vary from the average labels to exotic automobiles. Smaller car rental businesses may not have high-end vehicles like the Lamborghini and the Bentley line, but they can still provide subcompact, standard, and 15-seat vans. Exotic automobiles like the aforementioned brands can usually be accessed via major car rental companies or establishments that especially cater for travelers who demand the comfort of luxury rides.

Gas arrangements

Car rental companies typically have a specific arrangements or SOP regarding gas when you rent a car: (a) They can give the car to you with a full tank, but you have to return it with a full tank, too, (b) gas does not matter – some rental companies do not care how much gas the car has, and do not expect you to fill it up when you return it, and (c) some companies may ask you to pay them so they can fill up the tank before you rent a car - it does not matter how much gas is left when you return the vehicle.

A lot of experienced car rental users would say that the first option is the fairest, since it allows you to pay only for the gas you have consumed. The second option seems convenient, but the downside is that it does not give you an idea how much gas you are going to need in order to fill the car’s tank. The third choice seems to be the most impractical of all arrangements, since any amount of gas that you will not consume will be used by the company at your own expense.

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